The amount you can earn depends on the niche your website is in, and the power that your website has. We look at metrics and your niche and provide you with an outline income you are likely to earn. Most sites earn between $200 and $1500 a month. Over the first few months we will build up your income as we match digital PR clients and find new ones to provide you with income.

As a publisher you will have control over what you publish. We won’t expect you to publish anything that you are not comfortable with, or that doesn’t meet the quality standards that you require. We asked the anything that is below the standard you need it, or has topic areas that are not in line with your brand, be passed back to us so that we can edit it in line with your requirements.

These aren’t really sponsored posts because the publisher will not be heavily featured in the article and we are really just building credible mentions to good resources on the Internet. We make sure we create links to quality pages that add value to the post we are writing.

We won’t publish content or add links to sites that are in high-risk niche. When publishers sign up with websites that are an exact match to these types of sponsors then we will offer the content, but that is not our day-to-day business. We produce content with links to resource guides, reference materials, frequently asked questions and excellent resources on the web that are link worthy.

Our bank of publishers are looking to give their pages a boost by adding some authority to them through credible mentions. It can be difficult to earn mentions to articles in the early days of the publishing, or where the niche is extremely competitive. We therefore help them with their content marketing by helping to drive some inbound links from great publishers in a win-win partnership.

You add briefs when you want content or have us send you articles to publish. You then tick them off as published. Your balance in your account increases, and you can begin withdrawing money by PayPal or bank transfer. It’s that simple.

Articles need to remain live and cannot be removed from your blog. Chargebacks will be made if we find that publishers are removing articles that were previously published.

The search engines use relevance, content quality and authority, and site freshness as measures that contribute to their ranking algorithms. The content we produce is written to rank through advanced natural language processing research and significant topic research. The articles we write for you can rank and your website also benefits from the fresh content and relevance signals created by on topic articles going regularly on your blog.

We will actively promote your articles in social media, and would encourage you to do the same. This creates increased buzz around the content, providing it with additional power to have value in the search engines.

If the potential earnings that we have suggested are low then it’s probably because your website is new or doesn’t have a lot of website power yet. We suggest that you build some inbound links to your website and create more site authority, as that will help your website rankings when done properly.

Yes. In talks with search engine experts, and with our in-house experts, it is clear that PR mentions are going to remain an important part of search engine rankings for the foreseeable future. Written content is an important part of the web, even though video is becoming more watched. Search engines can’t yet really understand video content and so they rely on website content and mentions to create their understanding of a website, and to match search query intent with website pages.