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You add a content marketing brief

You add the articles that you want written to the content marketing system. You can add services that you want content in line with, marketing ideas, concepts that you want to explain and ideas you want to delve into. You choose what you would like the content we produce to be about so that it can fit into your content marketing plan.


We research and produce valuable content

Our research teams do thorough analysis of the topic in terms of natural language processing, core themes and target audience frequently asked questions to produce a comprehensive article, guide or resource. We match Digital PR clients to the article and create a mention within it that is natural and contextual. Content is never promotional and never includes adverts within it. You get quality content. We can publish post on your site for you, or you can publish yourself.


Your balance increases and you get paid

We have a large bank of digital PR partners who are looking to get mentions on other third-party websites. When you post articles your balance increases and you can withdraw payments periodically. We send payments when you request withdrawals, either by PayPal or bank transfer. You can earn from every post that you publish, and we can also send you content without links in to help grow your brand.

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We create a win-win situation with you earning money from your website, whilst achieving higher search rankings by building relevance signals and freshness signals for your site. You attract more visitors and have your content on autopilot. To start earning from your websites pop your URL into the site to get an idea of how much you can earn. We are a smart team of content marketers and are on your side. Begin earning today.

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