Why Content Freshness Is Important For Your Website

Why Content Freshness Is Important For Your Website

Anyone who has done a bit of digital marketing or who has some SEO experience will be familiar with the term “Content is King”. The term “Content is King” was popularised by Bill Gates in his 1996 essay also titled Content is King. Over the decades, this mantra metamorphosed to emphasize the important role content plays in the success of any online endeavour. Today, Content is King characterises the many benefits enjoyed by websites and other online platforms that feature fresh and relevant content on a regular basis. In fact, just like is said of integrity in business, without fresh content on your website, all your other marketing efforts almost doesn’t matter. In this article, we take a comprehensive look at why content freshness is so important and how it, or the lack thereof, can make or break your website.

Top Reasons You Need Fresh Content on Your Website Regularly

Regardless of how unique your business or website is, there are hundreds, if not thousands of other websites fighting for dominance in your niche. Unless you can come up with a way to differentiate yourself online, you may end up being one of the many thousands treading water, and watching other websites become the industry leaders. One way to dominate your niche is to dominate search results. Unfortunately, it takes more than having an attractive website to enjoy a high level of visibility in SERPs. Posting fresh content on a regular basis is not just an effective way to engage your visitors and keep them returning for more, it is also great for SEO, because every time you update your website with fresh and relevant content, whether in form of a new blog post, a captivating picture, or interesting video, Google takes notice. Conversely, when you keep stale content on your website, they take notice too. The thing is – Google, and other search engines love content freshness. In fact, search crawlers spend a good amount of their time looking for websites with updated and relevant content so they can return the best and most relevant results to search users. When they find a site that fits the bill, voila, automatic increases in search page rankings. In the same vein, if they think your site is dead, by the amount of old content on your site, they will keep on moving it to the back of search results until your site disappears completely. The quickest way to kill a site is for it to fall from the first page of Google search results. To add more context read on to understand the top reasons fresh content is vital for your website:


Visitors Value Fresh Content

Visitors come to your site expecting to find what they need on your webpage. Therefore, it doesn’t matter the type of content you upload, whether it is a new blog post, a great how-to video, a new product, and so on, the point is to keep your website constantly updated with fresh and relevant content that will answer questions, provide solutions and help people get the products and services that they are looking for.


If visitors come to your site and meet stale content, they may come back to check again one or two times, particularly if what you have on your site is related to what they are looking for, but after that, they will likely go elsewhere to get the information they need, and the chances are they will never come back again. You can attract new visitors and keep your old ones coming regularly by posting fresh content on your website as often as possible. It doesn’t have to be a huge deal – long form content of between 2000 to 5000 words, even being consistent with quality content of 500 words is enough to build customer/ visitor loyalty.


Fresh Content Improves SEO

Almost every web related activity on the internet starts with a search. In fact, in these days of mobile devices, it is easier than ever to find the website or business you want simply by typing in a search phrase in your favourite search engine. Businesses invest lots of money and effort in search engine optimisation. Search engine optimisation (SEO) activities are those you do to attract organic traffic to your website. While there are a lot of things involved in SEO, one of the most effective drivers of organic traffic is fresh, relevant, well-planned content. In fact, one of the primary purposes of web crawlers is to identify and index new content on websites so that they can be included in search results.


Each new article you share on your site is another chance to build website relevance and build the semantic topic of the site. Content enables you to answer questions and solve problems. You can use search phrases to understand search query intent and how to help your customers with your content.


Fresh Content Boosts Your Online Authority

Everyone wants to be the industry leader in their chosen niche, but unfortunately, the top is too narrow for everyone to be comfortable. So only a select few can boast of being market leaders or industry authorities. No one website or business has the monopoly over uniqueness. There are thousands of websites and platforms offering the same or similar products, services, and messages, and the competition to be the strongest voice is stiff.


Regularly updating your website with fresh and relevant content is a fast way to boosting your brand’s credibility as the main online authority. Just like a popular grocery store, if your site is regularly stocked with fresh versions of what people are looking for, yours is the first place they will visit before checking elsewhere, because they see your platform as the credible place to find what they need.


Regularly updating content on your website shows both human visitors and search engines that you know what you are talking about, and that you can be trusted.


It Keeps Your Visitors Well Informed and Updated

Internet users like being in the know - they want to know what is happening, when, and how, and they look for sources that can provide this information at the right time.

When you regularly update your website with fresh and relevant material, it keeps your visitors and subscribers up to date, not just with what is going on in your business, but also what is going on in the industry. This automatically translates into more traffic for your website via organic searches, return visits, and shares.


You can even take it one step further by informing your subscribers of fresh updates via RSS feeds, and you should certainly be using social media to share your content. This will help build audience engagement that will add value to your brand.


Regardless of the size and niche of your online business, publishing new content as often as possible is vital to audience engagement, and will help encourage return visits, website stickiness and attract new visitors.

Wrapping up

Everyone knows that search engine results can have a huge impact on the amount of organic visitors that land on a webpage, and since more visitors mean more high quality leads, it makes sense to improve SEO, and regularly updating your website content is one great way to do that. However, it is not a good idea to publish new content simply because you have to. The quality and relevance of your content matters. You have to publish content that is interesting, engaging, informative, educative, entertaining, or a combination of all.


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